Disfluency and its effect on the recall of verbal material

Disfluency and its effect on the recall of verbal material

Disfluency and its effect on the recall of verbal material

Paper details

  1. Have numbered pages
  2. Be in 1.5 spaced, Calibri 11 font typescripts.
  3. Provide a Excel files including raw data, Excel calculations.
  4. Number and title each table and figure
  5. Put a word count at the end of the main body of the report.
  6. The report including title, abstract, introduction, method(design, participants, materials/apparatus, procedure),result(descriptive findings, analysis), discussion, references, appendices. Maximum is 2200 words.
  7. Title is the concise statement of the effect that investigated
  8. Introduction include 3 major elements: background literature of relevance, rationale for the present study, statements of research questions, aims and sometimes predictions of outcome
  9. When writing the method part, please write under four sub-headings: design, participants, materials/apparatus and procedure
  10. In the design part, please state what kind the experiment is, the variables, what controls were used, please do not include much details about the procedure in this part
  11. The participants of this report must be in Bath Spa University, and state that the participants exclude Psychology students.
  12. Don’t claim the sample was randomly selected
  13. In the part of results, please separate to two sections, but not separate headings: description of results, and treatment of results.
  14. In the part of the treatment of results, include: what test was used, why you choose that test, which data were used for analysis, the obtained test statistic, degrees of freedom, whether a 1 or 2 tailed test is being conducted, the appropriate critical value if using statistical tables, the appropriate level of p, and the final conclusion
  15. The discussion should relate the findings back to the predictions made in the introduction and the associated theory, should evaluate the method (internal validity) and the generalizability of the findings (external/ecological validity). also, some suggestions for changes of the method, and provide a final conclusion
  16. In the abstract part, include statistical result and make a recommendation


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