Developing an Objective Perspective Custom Essay

Developing an Objective Perspective Custom Essay

Assignment 2

Developing an Objective Perspective

10-12 pages (not including title page, references, or appendixes),

10+ references*, APA format

Consult the Weston text (p. 60-71) on �Rules for Constructive Talking� and �What is the Common Ground Approach�and chapter 11 as guides for this assignment. The majority of the topics that are the focus of this assignment will be from the following list:

Assisted suicide

Affirmative action



Termination of Employees Due to Personal Behaviors (Smoking, Alcohol Use, etc)

Public smoking bans

Using public tax money for private school vouchers

Prayer in schools

Medical testing on animals

Gun control


Socialized Medicine Heterogeneous vs. Homogeneous classrooms

Capital Punishment

Destruction of the tropical rainforests

Petroleum Drilling in Conserved Areas or Wildlife Habitats

Human Experimentation in the Third-World

Rights and/or a common morality

Palliative care

Human Embryonic Stem-Cell Research

Global Warming

High Stakes Testing for ESL

Corporate Welfare

Using Research Data Obtained Unethically This assignment calls for you to conduct outside research on the topic selected in order to speak from an authoritative point of view (not just personal opinion) on different sides of the issue. The key terms for this assignment are (1) factual based and (2) open-mindedness. Points MUST be documented and conveyed free from personal biases and in-depth. This assignment is an exercise in using factual information to illustrate your points and in finding a neutral voice, not in sharing your personal, unsupported opinion. Use facts and data to support all points.

The final product must include a formal written paper. The written paper must contain the following for ALL sides of the issue.

� A detailed and supported description of the problem (in other words, what is this debate about?)

� A presentation of the strongest arguments/major points to support the various positions (pro/con and other views


in between)

� A conclusion that may allow your audience to make an informed decision, regardless of the position they may


choose to take and where you summarize the major points and you offer your personal position on the issue

For example, choosing gun control would mean you would need to address and discuss both a person�s right to bear arms and prohibition laws.

The project will be presented to the class (live or online, depending on the course�s delivery format) in an interesting and engaging presentation.

* For this assignment, it will be necessary to consult a minimum of 10 references (books, scholarly, published, journal and/or research articles from within the last 7 years from recognized, refereed journals to support your paper. Magazine and newspaper articles are not acceptable as supporting literature (this includes Wikipedia and blogs as well). At the doctoral level, it is expected that you regularly consult, review, and use research literature from scholarly, refereed journals. Finally, you may use your textbooks to support your work; however, they will not count towards the number of references for this assignment.


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