Develop a Strategy Plan for a Declarative Knowledge Learning Outcome

Develop a Strategy Plan for a Declarative Knowledge Learning Outcome Custom Essay

Develop a Strategy Plan for a Declarative Knowledge Learning Outcome

This assignment should be submitted in a Microsoft Word document. You should name the document “your last name_U5Assign”. For example, if were submitting my assignment, I would name the file “Harris_U5Assign”. Be sure to include your name in the top, left corner of the document. You should submit the assignment in the assignment dropbox (the link is located in the Unit 5 Learning Module). This assignment is worth 40 points.

You will specify appropriate organizational and delivery instructional strategies for a lesson designed for a Declarative Knowledge learning outcome. The strategy plan document you develop for this assignment should be organized and formatted according to the 15 Expanded Events of Instructional listed on page 130 of the Smith and Ragan reading (figure 7.1). You may also choose to use either a Supplantive or Generative approach, depending on your topic and type of learning outcome. For example, for a procedural learning outcome, you should almost always use a supplantive approach. However, for a concept, you can use either a supplantive or generative approach. You may choose your own subject matter for the topic.

In order to receive full credit for this assignment, your document should include the following sections:

  1. Background. This section should include a brief paragraph describing the learning situation and how this strategy plan relates to the curriculum of the course and/or unit or the learning environment in which the lesson will be incorporated. It should include a brief summary the characteristics of the learners, the learning environment (face-to-face class, online course, etc.), and additional important variables related to the learning situation.
  2. Terminal Learning Objective. You should state the learning objective or objectives of the strategy plan. That is, you should answer the question: By the end of the lesson, what will the learners know, feel, or be able to do as a result of your instruction? The Learning Objective(s) should include the performance/behavior, conditions, and criteria.
  3. Expanded Events of Instruction. You should organize the specific 15 expanded instructional events by the four main sections listed in Figure 7.1 on page 130 of the Smith and Ragan reading, i.e., Introduction, Body, Conclusion, and Assessment. For each of the 15 events of instruction, you should specify the organizational and delivery strategies. Organizational strategies refer to how the instruction will be sequenced, what particular content (message) will be presented, and how this content will be presented (methods). You should use the guidelines in the Unit 5 Lesson for specific conditions that should be included in the events of instruction for a declarative knowledge learning outcome. Delivery strategies deal with what instructional medium will be used and how learners will be grouped. Your strategy plan should clearly identify the specific organizational and delivery strategies for each of the events of instruction. For some of the events of instructions, it may be appropriate to combine them—but you should clearly label the specific events to show that you are combining the events. For example, you may choose to combine the specific events Activate Attention and Establish Purpose (under the Introduction section) in the same event.
  4. Rationale for media selection. Write a brief, general rationale for the medium/media you selected to use in your strategy plan. That is, some media are better than others under certain conditions. Why did you select the particular medium/media that you specified in your strategy plan?

The strategy plan document you develop is a plan for the lesson that follows the expanded events of instruction. This assignment does not include developing the actual, mediated lessons in final form. This assignment is worth 40 points.

Primary Grading Criteria

  1. Appropriate conditions of learning (instructional strategies) are included in the strategy plan for a Declarative Knowledge learning outcome.
  2. All 15 expanded events of instruction are included. You do not have to have a separate explanation for each event, since you may combine some events together.
  3. Included are all four components in the strategy plan document: background, terminal learning objective, expanded events of instruction, and the rationale for media selection.
  4. The organizational strategies and delivery strategies for each (or grouped) expanded event of instruction are clearly labeled.


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