Describing the nature of the decision and the type of business

Describing the nature of the decision and the type of business is required Custom Essay

Describing the nature of the decision and the type of business

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Paper Proposal .

A one-page proposal, describing the nature of the decision and the type of business is required. A proposal is the introduction to the paper. It explains, not only what the paper will be about, but explains why this is a challenge that should be addressed. Students must submit the proposal through blackboard and must be approved before submitting their paper..

. Paper .

Write a persuasive paper explaining to upper management the value of a decision support system for a specific business activity. For this paper the first step is to select a type of decision that requires automation, such as inventory control, then select the type of business that would benefit from this systems. Use the following as a basic outline for your paper.


  1. Introduce
  2. Industry description

III. Justifications for Recommended facilities

  1. Description of delivered software
  2. Future Application
  3. Conclusion


Papers less than 2,000 words will receive a 0 and will not be evaluated. Submitting a paper without an approved proposal will receive a 0. Papers are completed on time to receive full points, but students may correct their paper and resubmit. A rubric for grading the paper is attached.

Papers are required to have at least 4 peer-reviewed journal articles, and to cite these articles in their paper. References and citations must be in ACM style. Do not use the class text or Wikipedia as a reference under any circumstances, otherwise a 5 point penalty for each citation. URL only references will also receive a 5 point penalty for each citation


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