Describe what you feel is the most likely terrorist use of chemical or biological agents.

Describe what you feel is the most likely terrorist use of chemical or biological agents.

, It is my pleasure to be with you again after finishing the work of both courses of the first two weeks of this new term. PLEASE LET ME FIRST MENTION THAT I WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY OTHER WRTER DOING THIS ORDER EXCEPT MY PREFERRED WRITER 355342. To confirm and as you know, I have a new course that I will study this new term. I am a graduate student and my program of master is Disaster Medicine and Management and currently studying a course with this information Course name: Weapons of Mass Destruction. The assignment of the first week includes two questions that you will answer + (PROPOSAL OF THE MID-TERM PAPER WHICH IS DUE AFTER 5 WEEKS). BUT please be guided by the following instructions (VERY IMPORTANT) the topic of this week is: Chemical Agents ¢. 1- Please answer both questions using ONLY THREE OR TWO references. 2- The REQUIRED TEXTBOOK IS: Howard, Russell D and James J.F. Forest (2012). Weapons of Mass Destruction and Terrorism, Second Edition. New York: McGraw-Hill 3- The reading assignments of this week, which might be considered) are: Howard: 2.5, 2.8 (case study 2), and Appendix A-4 Medical Aspects of Chemical and Biological Warfare (1997) “ Publisher: Department of the Army, Office of The Surgeon General, Borden Institute. 1997: 721 p.; ill. Chapter 4 Terrorist Motivations for Chemical and Biological Weapons Use: Placing the Threat in Context. Audrey Kurth Cronin. Defense & Security Analysis Vol. 20, No. 4, pp. 313-320, December 2004 §1^ Carfax Publishing, National Defense University. œTokyo Drift. Autumn 2010, CBRNE World Tokyo 4- I am an international student so please use a clear language and avoid the hard or uncommon words or expressions that usually be native speakers BUT all questions must be answered completely and nicely without missing any part of any question. 5- Make sure please to cover all the parts of both questions. 5-There are two questions and one page (but feel free to extend it more), so it should be rich and cover both questions very well, which needs a professional writer like you to do so, however, if you need more line from page 2 then it will be very nice from you to do that. 6- The two questions of week 3 are: 1- Detail basic management procedures, including decontamination for a chemical agent attack on a civilian population for a healthcare facility. 2- Describe what you feel is the most likely terrorist use of chemical or biological agents. . Best regards



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