Delian League

2nd Discussion Topic

* Why was the great age of Athenian democracy during the 5th C BCE also the great age of Athenian empire (via the agency of the Delian League)?

* Was there a contradiction between Athenian political ideals at home and the flagrant disregard for those same principles in Athenian treatment of its allies and other Greek states. [Hint: in addition, use the documentary source in the Global Experience text, Thucydides’s account of Athens during the Peloponnesian War, document # 34. His account of the Melian Conference between Athens and the people of the island of Melos is very revealing. ]

* What do you think might be the relevance of this case study of 5th C Athens for the modern world or for the US?

NOTE It is important to avoid providing lengthy background coverage of Athens’s early history before the 5th C Keep the focus on the 5 th C BCE. Take it as given that Athens had already evolved its democratic practices and begin your response with Athens’s role as an imperial power. ]

The other reading material that is relevant to the assignment is found in Chapter 5 on Greek Civilization. Feel free to explore other sources and the video clips will also give you something to work from.




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