Data Gathering Template + Research Methodology

Data Gathering Template + Research Methodology

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Methodology content 20 %

Referencing 10 %

Data gathering template 5 %

Paper Presentation 5 %

My subject is: How could Uber be part of Singapore transportation plan to reduce conjunction ?

Complete the Data Gathering Template attached and you must link it to what you talked about in the Data Collection section of your methodology (to do). In that section, you are also required to include a piece of data that you have already collected (from MYPREVIOUS attached). This must be relevant to your business question and preferably will have been produced from your collection of raw data, for example, the last five years sales and profit of your organisation. Please refer to paper EXEMPLE 1 & EXEMPLE 2 so you can understand exactly what has to be done. Those papers are from last year with different topic. You have to do the same and on top add a data gathering template which is given in excel file named DATA GATHERING TEMPLATE.

Please add minimum 4 figures (appendix). Reference has to be within 4 years old maximum. Peer reviewed academic sources ONLY.

My previous part so you can know the subject is called MYPREVIOUS attached.

EXEMPLE 3 is a similar topic so you can have a general idea but mostly refer to exemple 1 & 2 for this paper please.

MOST IMPORTANT: You can see on the SIMILAR EXEMPLE a full paper that was done few years ago which has a subject similar to mine. Please use the same way as her for the researches of data collection (p.10) where she compares other countries with successful strategies.

Resources Available:

Electronic Databases:

 Mintel  PROQUEST  Emerald  Ebsco


 The Economist  Hotels  International Journal of Hospitality Management  Harvard Business Review  Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research  The Hospitality Review  Hospitality Directions – Europe Edition Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly Or anything else


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