Data Collection and Analysis With a Real Teacher

Application: Data Collection and Analysis With a Real Teacher-Researcher Custom Paper

Application: Data Collection and Analysis

Up to this point in the course, you have had the opportunity to look carefully at each step of the action research cycle and design a plan to conduct your own inquiry in a classroom. However, due to the limited number of weeks in this course, there is not enough time for you to execute your plan. To live the process of inquiry and experience the use of data in action, you will participate in a case study and live the process of inquiry with a real teacher-researcher named May.

Application: Data Collection and Analysis

The goal of this exercise is to use May’s study to deepen your understanding of how to use literature and data to improve teacher practice and student learning. This experience will broaden your professional knowledge so that you may help others embark on their own journeys as teacher-researchers. It is important to note that May’s study is based on a real story in a real classroom and depicts how one teacher approached her passion or dilemma. You will experience, firsthand, how she collects data from multiple sources, interprets the results, and comes to her own conclusions to her wondering. In essence, you will become a “fly on the wall” as you watch the process of inquiry unfold for the first time in this teacher’s classroom.

Application: Data Collection and Analysis

You may, at the end of this experience, find ways that May could have improved upon her research practices. With your increased knowledge of action research, view the case study as a teacher-researcher yourself. What would you have done differently or the same as May? What did she do well? Did you see gaps in her research or in her data collection/analysis? Did her graphing analyses match yours? There is no right or wrong answer in May’s study. What is important in the end is to determine if May reached the goals she set out to achieve.


Read each chapter of May’s story. At the end of each, you will be asked to pause, reflect, and respond to journal prompts that guide you to think about May’s story and how the literature, data, and peer collaboration empowered her to deepen her knowledge and find a solution to her wondering. It is important to respond to each prompt at the end of each chapter before you move on to the next chapter. Use the “Case Study Journal: Living the Process of Inquiry With a Real Teacher-Researcher” template provided in this week’s Learning Resources to record your responses to the prompts and to synthesize how May’s research project affirmed or changed your thinking as a teacher-researcher.


This week, you will submit the Case Study Journal with your responses for Chapters 1–4. Please note that this Application Assignment varies from a standard essay format. The goal of this case study is for you to journal your observations and insights related to a simulated action research scenario. The general Application Rubric will be used to grade your adherence to assignment expectations, assimilation and synthesis of ideas, and written expression, however other APA expectations such as a title page and complete essay format are not applicable in this journal assignment.


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