Da Vinci Code with a theme of secret socities

Da Vinci Code with a theme of secret socities

Da Vinci Code with a theme of secret socities and how they function and their influence on our perceeption of relgiona and our goverment

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The Reflection Essay: Thinking through review (Due Friday, November 20th, 11:59 PM) Length/grade weight: 1500 words; 20% of total class grade

What the paper is:

The Norton chapter notes that this essay “has a dual purpose: to ponder something you find interesting or puzzling and to share your thoughts with an audience.” Using your chosen science fiction story as a starting point, you will write an essay reflecting on one or more of the themes of that story. Effectively, in you can write about anything for this paper as long as you do so through the story you’ve focused on. You will need to organize your reflection in a way that will help your audience follow your ideas throughout the essay. Norton pp. 220-­‐‑221 provide two diagrams to illustrate ways to organize this type of paper.

You will first turn in a subject proposal and an outline as you progress through this unit. Since this topic is more wide open that our earlier essays, you’ll be receiving feedback early and often. You may need to use the basic web research skills learned during the evaluation essay to fill in gaps in your knowledge or to help you examine your topics in a more robust way.

Skills covered: Audience Awareness, Critical thinking, Synthesis, Organization, Process writing, Citation

Upload the intro/hook/thesis in the next 48 hrs possibly?


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