cybersecurity technology


Currently, there are
incidents where data security has been undermined due to the lack of measures
to implement effective cybersecurity technologies. There is a need to implement
new techniques which are advanced to improve the security of private and
critical data (Parent et al., 2016). Attackers are developing new technologies
which in turn evokes the need for the evolution and also the innovation which
will counter any attempts made by attackers to breach information. When
effective cybersecurity technologies are set up, there will be data integrity.
This essay reviews a technology set up to ensure that cybersecurity is enhanced
wholly in any company.

Innovations have been
set up to ensure and reduce incidences of data breaches. The innovation of
machine learning has provided a significant boost to data security. Machine
learning enhances the detection of malpractices performed by attackers by use
of behavioral analytics whereby one can easily track and detect breaches and
track their source (Petrenko et al. 2017). This, therefore, to be a useful
technique which enhances data security since it notifies the user if the hacker
attempts any data breach activity.

Virtual Display
Networking (VDN) is an important technology which enables the detection of MITM
attack. MITM attack breaches communication between two parties by cracking
traditional encryptions hence attacking the intermediate nodes. With the
implementation of this technology, messages are split into parts which are then
encrypted and routed into several different protocols using independent paths.
This discourages any attempt of communication breach since the attackers since
the data roles are in distinct paths which are dynamic.

Smart Grid Technologies
enhance cybersecurity by ensuring there is a range of new security standards
and measures. With this technology, communication between any field devices and
central systems is encrypted. The technology utilizes a measure known as
Padlock, whose primary role is to ensure there is deep packet inspection within
the control system and its Available Local Networks (LAN).

Security Assertion Markup
Language (SAML) is also an essential technology which enhances the protection
of cloud-based applications. This technology mainly encompasses encryption with
SAML and also the detection of any intrusion to enable the user to regain
control of corporate traffic (Elnagdy et al., 2016). This technology ensures
the information within the cloud is always corralled.

Companies and
organizations need to ensure that they adopt and implement futuristic
architectures and infrastructures to ensure their data, communication, and
transactions are always secure. The need to ensure data security cannot be
downplayed since it is an essential element which promotes growth and safety
within companies and organizations

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