Culture Change at Texaco Discussion

Change at Texaco Discussion

The paper tends to give a reflection on
culture change at Texaco, which was in the mid-1990s. The culture shifted
because of the disrespect to the workers of minorities. At Texaco, there was a
great ethical culture problem which came as a result of racism and
discrimination towards the minority as stated by Olins, (2017). The language
present was blatant, which were racist and the behavior towards the Texaco
managers and workers. There was the documentation of the derogatory comments
which were heard involving low pay for the minority. Minority workers when
through humiliating experiences and their grievances were ignored when they
claimed. Back in 1999, Texaco settled a lawsuit out of the discrimination which
led to the payment of the largest settlement of such kind.

From the fact in the case and culture
change evaluation and the efforts which took place the most crucial thing which
occurred was about Peter Bijur, the CEO is committed to changing the culture as
discussed by Treviño & Nelson, (2017). The CEO believed that
diversification would be essential and chose to give the African American major
positions. Regardless of the company being in a difficult monetary position
because of low oil, reduced revenues, and prices of the natural gasses e
company lowered several workers with more than 8000. The CEO dealt with these
shortcomings and utilized the opportunities to make the company a better one.
The CEO believed that real commitment has to be more than a diversity

Minorities were attracted by the chances
of internships and scholarships. These programs were set so that the new
changes could be implemented (Olins, 2017). There was the implementation of
formal mentoring and leadership to help to advance the minorities who were
already working in the company. The company aimed to increase the number of
minorities who were working there. This led to the establishment of a
development program for women and minorities.

The culture shift is
not a thing which is expected to happen spontaneously. A culture shift does not
take place in one night, and when it happens, it takes place through the
management style. The leaders such as the CEO are in the front line to
reinforce the

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