Cultural Crash – The Killing of the Creative Class

Cultural Crash – The Killing of the Creative Class

In a carefully constructed essay of around 750 words, sue the ideas of Lawrence Levine and Scott Timberg to explain the value of the “Innovative Ensemble” of the 21st century (as conceived by the Paul R Judy Center for Applied Research) Culture Crash, The Killing of the Creative Class. The point of this assignment is for you to demonstrate your ability to construct a persuasive argument incorporating evidence drawn from our readings.

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Your writing should show an understanding of what both Levine and Timberg our forth. Remember, theirs are historical interpretations, together they tell a story that leads to the present. This establishes context for the Paul R. Judy Center’s hopes for the future. Your argument will also need to show appreciation of the essential goals or purposes of the Paul R. Judy Grant program. Paragraphs need to cohere as units,

Your paragraph scheme overall must show a clear sense of organization and purpose, and your individual sentences should result from careful not casual writing. Use of text is important in this kind of writing Plan to employ carefully selected short passages of text from Levine and Timberg in your writing.

Quotations need footnotes; footnotes must be in Chicago Style. Your essay should have bibliography at the end; also following the conventions of Chicago style.

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