Critique a Toy & the Importance of Play

Critique a Toy & the Importance of Play

In order to use developmental theories and research to understand real-life situations and to further develop your library research skills, you will be asked to do two things for this assignment:


you will be asked to pick a toy (or game), designed for an infant/child and write a review describing the developmental aspects of the toy.

For example, does it promote language development, gross motor skills, social development, and/or cognitive development? If so, how? Would you recommend this toy to parents? If so, why?

Your review should include a description of the toy and the age group it targets. You are asked to place a picture of the toy in your review in an appendix (Appendix A) when describing it. In your review you also need to apply a theory of development relevant to the targeted age group.

For example, if you are critiquing a board game for children aged 7 to 11, you might want to discuss Piaget’s cognitive theory with regards to the concrete-operational period.

Your review should be approximately two pages in length.

The more you relate it to developmental theories and/or concepts, the better!

For the second part of this assignment you will be asked to locate an assigned empirical article (listed below) using the database PsycINFO that pertains to the importance of play in child development

– this is an empirical article where a study has actually been conducted (e.g. describes participants and how study was carried out).

When you find this article, write a summary of the article in 500 words or less.

Here is the article you need to find and summarize for part 2 of this assignment.

Title: School-Age Children Show a Bias Toward Fantasy Classifications After Playing a Platform Game.

Authors: Martarelli, Gartner, & Mast (2014)

You must use your own words and include in-text citations – DO NOT use quotes.


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