Couples Communication Consulting

Couples Communication Consulting Custom Essay

Goal: The purpose of this paper is to examine a communication issue related to communication consulting. (Couples Consulting) This will help you discover what others in your area of interest have learned about your topic. Using the work and insights of those who have come before, we can move continually forward as a field and avoid “reinventing the wheel.”

Guidelines: It is possible to approach writing a literature review in a variety of ways. Below, I have outlined one possible way to approach the assignment. Use what is helpful to you. Just be sure that you meet all required standards. I have underlined these below.

First, select a topic of interest that is relevant to some area of communication consulting. (Couples Consulting) That might include something broad like ?impact of outside consultants,? or a specific topic area like ?leadership consulting.? Since this field is relatively specialized, consider starting by just searching the term ?communication consulting? for ideas. Depending upon how much research has already been conducted in that area you may need to narrow or broaden your topic.

After you have selected your topic (Couples Consulting) you can begin your research in earnest. The literature review must include published articles from refereed, academic journals. These must have been published within the past SIX years (2008-2014).

You must find at least FIVE journal articles that address your topic.(Couples Consulting) You will find that some of the articles are very technical and complex. Read the abstract first to give you an overview and then work through each article section-by-section trying to identify the overall points being made.

As you search for articles try to include communication journals. Communication titles include, but are not limited to, the following:




(very technical)

As you collect articles, consider taking notes that highlight main points relevant to your topic. Especially note where your various articles agree or disagree with one another.


As you write your paper your task is to report the state of the art in your chosen area of research. The goal is NOT to give your personal perspective. Rather, you will summarize what is said and come to some conclusions about what it all means. I generally suggest that you organize your paper around three or four main points that seem to be dealt with in the literature. For example, if you are talking long term impact of couples consultants on relationships you may find that the literature focuses on topics like 1) negative impact as a result of consultant interventions and, 2) short term impact of the couples communication via interventions. Let the literature guide your paper’s organization and focus.


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