Concepts of Terrorism and Organized Crime.

International Terrorism

Organized crime threatens peace and human security; it also violates human rights as well as undermining economic, social, cultural, political and civil development of societies all over the world. There is a growing link between organized crime and terrorism; drug trafficking, transnational organized crime, movement of illicit firearms and money laundering have all become integral parts of terrorism in the world today. Terrorists are now using increasingly diverse modes of operations which are increasingly funded and sustained through proceeds from organized crime. Terrorism poses a serious threat to national security and fundamental democratic values of the society (Albercht, 2008). Counter terrorism entails the practices, tactics, techniques and strategies that goverments, militaries, police departments and corporations adopt in making attempts to respond to threats or acts that are real and imputed Counter terrorism is a top priority for most countries following catastrophic events that have taken place earlier (Kolodkin, B. (2012).

A delicate balance has to be struck between ensuring the right to security of citizens and respect for human rights; this has been of utmost importance in many countries in the recent times. Therehas been adoption of important legislative measures and policies to protect citizens. There are two aspects or theories that can be linked with counter terrorism this are; to make citizens safe from terrorist threats through various methods like airline screening, placement of video cameras and metal detectors in public places, taking random patrols of bomb sniffing dogs and so on. The other aspect is neutralization of terrorists through arresting, prosecuting, assassination, raising terrorist facilities, military action and so on. Full counter terrorism encompasses threat reduction by making a country a hard target to terrorists and actively going after the terrorists. Counter terrorism is intimately related to the understanding of the nature of the terrorist phenomena and how it can fit into the wide security environment.

There are some policies linked with counter terrorism, this can form the objectives of counter terrorism. This are first prevention, this is a pillar that aims to combat radicalism and recruitment of terrorists. This is done by identifying methods, propaganda and instruments that terrorists can use. There are various priorities that can be identified concerning prevention and this are; developments of approaches that spot and tackle the behavior, hold in check the incitement and recruitment in key environments. Another policy is protection, which aims to reduce the vulnerability of the target to attack and also limit the resulting impact of attack. The other policy is to pursue terrorists across borders while upholding human rights and international law. The aim is to cut off the access to attack materials like explosives and firearms, disrupt terrorist networks and carry out recruitment of agents who will look at the misuse of non-profit organizations. Another aim of pursuing terrorists is by putting an end to the sources of finances through inquiries, freezing assets and impending money transfers. Another aim is to end the planning of terrorist activities through impending the communication and dissemination of their technical knowledge especially through the internet.

There are methods that can be used to combat organized crime this include the use of electronic surveillance which will provide evidence that is objective. It also enables law enforcement to learn about the crime before it is executed. There can also be carrying out of undercover operations which go hand in hand with surveillance. Confidential informants are also important whenit comes to combating organized crime. These are individuals who are willing to give information on condition that they do not testify (Ohr, 2004)

Threat and risk assessment are used to make valid decision support tools to establish and prioritize counter terrorism attacks. Risk assessment is done through evaluation of the threat on basis of factors such as the capability and intent of attack, likelihood of a successful attack and its lethality. Through risk assessment the target can also be established this is from looking at the nature of operations of the terrorist group. In this case we see the terrorist group hate western culture and capitalism and the fact that their target location is ahigh profile one then it can be concluded that the target for this attack are capitalists.

An effective counter terrorist strategy to be proposed is the placement of surveillance cameras and metal detectors, taking random patrols of bomb sniffing dogs in high profile place where there might be likelihood of attacks being made from the risk assessment. This will ensure that the people in those areas are always alert at all times.



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