Case Study for Double ABC=X Model

Double ABC=X Model: Case Study for Double ABC=X Model Custom Essay

Case Study for Double ABC=X Model

John and Mary Grace and their children live in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. John and Mary have been married for 13 years and have two children (a daughter Allison who is ten and a son Paul who is 12). Mary married immediately following her high school graduation despite the objections of her parents. Within the year she gave birth to a daughter, Linda, who is now 16. Within a year of Linda’s birth, her parents divorced. She lives with her mother and stepfather and has not had contact with her biological father since she was 2. He stopped paying child support at about the same time he ceased seeing Linda. John works at the Y-12 plant in Oak Ridge and has been very worried for the last year about the rumored lay-offs that are coming. He fears that his job may soon be eliminated. Mary is a secretary at their Baptist church.

About a year ago, Linda began to make friends with peers her parents did not see as desirable.

They were academic underachievers and used alcohol and seemed to be from family situations in which there was little supervision of adolescents and no involvement in church. Her parents tried to lay down the law and keep Linda from associating with these peers. However, it was almost impossible to do so. Linda began dating one of the boys in this group, Jason. Although her parents did not approve, Linda became very adept at arranging her life to see Jason and managed to keep much of her time with him outside of her parents’ awareness. Last week Linda tearfully told her mother and stepfather that she was 8 weeks pregnant and that Jason was the father of the child. She was considering an abortion, but John and Mary were adamantly opposed to abortion on religious and moral grounds. She and Jason do not want to marry, although this is what John and Mary see as the best solution to the situation.

Paul is currently doing well in school and is embarrassed and outraged by his step-sister’s pregnancy. He is so angry with Linda that he can barely be civil to her at the dinner table.

Allison has been struggling in school and requires much help from her mother with her schoolwork. She resents the fact that Linda has caused her mother to be so upset and distracted.

John and Linda do not want news of Linda’s pregnancy to be known outside of the family. They feel her conduct is morally wrong and will bring shame and condemnation on the family. Mary is very concerned about the implications of this situation for her work at the church. John is very concerned about the financial implications of Linda’s pregnancy for the family. Mary feels that she has failed as a parent because of Linda’s pregnancy. John has never had a very close relationship to Linda, but is worried about the example she is setting for her younger sister.

Linda spends much of her time in her room and is very despondent. When she told Jason about the pregnancy, he insisted on her getting an abortion. He does not want his parents to know about this situation and has begun distancing himself from Linda. Linda has not told anyone outside of her family about this situation because of her mother’s insistence that it remain a secret for as long as possible.


Questions for Case Study Application to Double ABC=X Model


  1. For each of the concepts/processes in the Double ABC=X model described by McCubbin and Patterson (see p. 86 of assigned reading), identify what you perceive to be examples of each concept in the situation of the Grace family and list your reason for selecting the example you chose. You should include all of the concepts/processes in both the precrisis (ABCX) and postcrisis (Double ABCX) phases of the model. YOU MAY USE BULLET POINTS FOR THIS PART OF THE ASSIGNMENT.




  1. Stressor:
  1. What do you think is the most crucial next step for the Grace family if they are to move out of the immobilized state that seems to be characterizing their family currently? What other options and resource do you think are available to their family which have not yet been utilized?
  2. What suggestions do you have for interventions that might occur with the Grace family to assist them in shifting the perceptions and meanings they have of their family’s situation?
  3. How does the Double ABCX model extend your understanding of family stress?


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