Case Scenario about Obesity during pregnancy

Case Scenario about Obesity during pregnancy

A 3000 word essay on a topic chosen from one of the three scenarios, each focusing on a different public health challenge. The initial discussion of a 1000 words is to provide the background to the issue, i.e. scale of the problem and the current initiatives in place.

The remainder explores psychological, sociological and political context and the implications for midwifery care. Students are strongly encouraged to submit a 1000 words draft of the essay. The draft should provide a background to the chosen public health issue.

You should also provide an outline of the proposed content and structure of the remainder of the essay.

Feedback will be given on the proposed content of the essay, as well as the writing style e.g. structure, use of literature. ASSESSMENT GUIDELINES • Your essay should start with a section discussing the significance of the chosen public health issue and for the provision of maternity services e.g. obesity .This should involve discussion of the scale of the problem, its impact on the maternal and neonatal health, and the current initiatives in place.

• With direct reference to the scenario, and drawing on relevant theories, critically discuss the psychological, emotional and social factors that impact on the individuals in the scenario. • With direct reference to the scenario, discuss the role of the midwife in relation to your chosen public health issue.


Anna waited anxiously in the clinic for her 34 weeks antenatal appointment. She dreaded it. The last time she came, she felt so embarrassed! The health care assistant had problems taking her blood pressure – the cuff did not fit properly, as Anna’s arm was too big. S

o the assistant had to call a midwife to help. The midwife could not fit it either, and they began looking for a special machine with an extra large cuff. and it took ages to find it. Once Anna finally got into the consultation room, the midwife had difficulty feeling the baby.

Anna watched the concentration on the midwife’s face as she pressed and moved her abdomen. The midwife seemed embarrassed. She kept saying: ‘There must be a baby in there somewhere? It’s like feeling through a duvet’. The baby’s heart beat was also very difficult to find and hardly audible. ‘Anna Jones’, a midwife calls her into the room.

Anna is so anxious, She hopes no one will weigh her or pry into her diet again She is feeling so fed up with everyone telling her what she should and should not eat and do.. Today, thankfully, the midwife does not seem to want to talk about her diet – they are to discuss her birth plan.

Anna cheers up and relaxes immediately. ‘Let’s just do your blood pressure first’ – the midwife slides the cuff into place.

Anna momentarily freezes with the memory of the humiliation she experienced the last time they tried to take her BP. Then she breathes a sigh of relief

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