Case Response for Philosophy





Case Response for Philosophy

Monsanto industry is doing the Indian farmers a great favor because they give
them seeds on credit because they are unable to buy on a cash basis. Since the
farmers are illiterate, Monsanto should try to educate them a little on how
they should plant their seeds, how to apply pesticides and on how to do
irrigation so that they can attain a high yield and be able to pay their debt
and also benefit from the farming practice. The industry should also try to
educate farmers on the benefits of cotton farming so that they can also have
more customers. In order to retain their customers, it is important for the
company to educate them when they go buying the seeds on how to harvest water
for irrigation for the genetically modified seeds that require more water than
the previous seeds so that the yields to be high. Monsanto should look for ways
that can improve the lives of others not only delivering real value. They can
help the farmers by recruiting some of the literate farmers who will be
responsible for educating the others in their local dialect if they do not
understand other languages.  One thing
that makes a business to be successful is having many branches and selling
unique products when compared to its competitors. Monsanto is one step further
because it has advanced in produced genetically modified seeds and their own
fertilizer. This creates an advantage to them because the farmers are forced to
buy seeds together with the fertilizer from the same company.

health is one of the greatest things one can have and therefore there should be
ways to eliminate environmental and air pollution.  Poor people are the ones who are most
affected by pollution and it is only the government which can help them fight
against it. Therefore, the government should ensure that people pay for the
social cost of pollution by imposing taxes such as carbon tax. This will help
to reduce breathing problems and other illnesses caused by pollution.
Industries should be encouraged to reduce the quantity of pollution they create
by been given pollution permits which aim at reducing pollution. The government
should ensure that most industries are located in specific places where there
are no individuals living near them. It should also set subsidy, for instance,
have alternative energy sources by making it competitive and encourage its
development. Everyone is entitled to breath clean air and have a clean
environment despite being poor or rich because no one is created special than
the other. The government can also limit the number of pollutants that are
disposed into the environment, for instance, it can ban the use of polythene
bags and encourage the use of bags that can decompose. Consumer behavior can
also be change through nudging and advertising. For example signs at schools that
state “please turn off your car engine when waiting to pick up your
kid”. This simple reminder reduces pollution when people turn off their
engines. Air and water are two of the biggest pollution problem in the economy.
Plastic pollution is a growing problem which is damaging the economy’s food
supply (Amadeo, 2019). Most people in
America live in air polluted environment and they are at great risk of getting
lung cancer, asthma, and other respiratory problems.

Work cited

Amadeo, K. (2019). The Rising Costs
of Pollution and What Can Be Done About It. Retrieved from

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