Canadian health care system

You may choose a topic so long as it relates to economics (learned in the course) and applies to the Canadian health care system.

A good paper includes an introduction (outlining the research question and its importance) Custom Essay

1.The individual project is worth 25% of your final grade and is to be submitted via turnitin and ought to be 2500 words (plus or minus 10%). A grading rubric is provided for your guidance. Also, you will find hints as to how to write a good paper.

You may choose a topic so long as it relates to economics (learned in the course) and applies to the Canadian health care system.

2.A good paper includes an introduction (outlining the research question and its importance), some background literature that precedes your work as well as geographical and/or legal considerations), observations (this is where you deal with theory or what happens in other jurisdictions that is relevant to your paper, and a conclusion (where you highlight your critical points but also point to implications for policy, what needs to be studied further, and what alternatives there might be).

3.Criteria Weight Material (quality) 30

Topic 10


Knowledge of course material 10


Citations and References 10


Organization 10


Critical Analysis 20


Writing (spelling, grammar, style) 10

  1. When in doubt, always cite and reference but remember over 30 percent similarity index is considered inappropriate academic work.

5.All dropbox drafts of the IP and all dropbox assignments have been graded and commented upon. If you submitted your assignment late, they will be graded after the profiles are done which should be done today.

I note as I grade drafts (and even assignments) that there is a tendency to use perjorative terms or make judgements without backing them up (logic if the idea is your own or citations if the idea is someone else’s).

Academics are supposed to PROVE or DISPROVE items and so no one should care what “I think” or “I believe” – it must be backed. Words such as “should” must also be avoided. Often times there is an attempt to write a flowery introduction – Canada is considered to have the best health care system – but who considers it to be the best?

Can you prove it?

An observation to be made – the most common topic is usually the one with the worst average. On the assignment that was true for the compare and contrast between German and the UK. Similarly, the second worst average would be the plasma TV case. Unique topics which you are highly interested in typically do much better.

Be sure to use words correctly. The most common errors are economical and economic, effect and affect, their, there, and they’re but there are many other examples one could mention.

Personally, your instriuctor knows that when he proofreads his own work, he sees what he thought he said. He has found if someone else reads it and has to ask what something means, it needs clarification. Further, that other set of eyes can correrct grammar and spelling errors and even flow.

In the assignment, most students did well (A or B) on the material but did not do as well on citations/references and particularly critical thinking (analysis). You can have an essay full of good material but you also need to analyze.

One way to add some critical analysis to your essay is to critique the assumptions or methodology of articles or books you cite.

All these are ideas in the hopes you will do a better essay (individual project) if you know some of the things which cause better grades or lost grades.

6.. When submitting, please use a 14 font and ensure it is in BOLD. Arial Black in bold is a good choice of font.

Then please use .pdf file format when submitting.

7.For the IP be sure you FOCUS (repeat that as many times as you can) and be sure to properly inroduce and conclude. In the introduction – flowery language does not help usually since what is important are a)hypothesis or research question, and b) why is your specific topic important. In the conclusion, it is not just a summary but it includes a) what would or should be done differently were I to do this topic again, b) what are the chief findings (did you nswer your research questions), c) what are the implications for policy.


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