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Business – Research Paper Example It is social investigation methods where different questions are being asked by researchers to collect data for their researches. It is a method which will help the researcher to get information about customer’s satisfaction levels from South Wales University. In this research participants of the survey are university students. In this research students of the university are given some question. Those questions are to be answered on the basis of one to seven scales. Starting from scale one which signifies that the participants strongly agree with the statement and scale seven signifies that participants strongly disagree with the statement. In this research the survey is having 27 questions. The survey has been divided into six parts. In the first part of the survey questions were related with Demographics of university students (Roger, 2006). This part is consisting of 5 questions and here one to seven scales have not been used. Here all questions are very simple in nature an d all questions are having more than one option for furnishing information. This part will help researcher to get all different information related with customer’s demography. The next portion of the survey is related with different aspects of lecturers in the university. This portion of the survey is having six questions. Here all six questions are have to be answered on the basis of one to seven scales. Third portion of the survey focuses on class rooms of the university. This part is having seven questions. Those entire questions are to be answered on the basis of 1-7 scales. It would give clear information to researcher about class rooms of the university (Keith, 2003). The fourth stage of the survey is related with library of the university. The portion is having 4 questions to answer on the basis of 1-7 scales. 5th portion of the survey is related with course materials of the university. This portion is having 3 questions on

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