Business Functions

Overview: The assignment provides an opportunity for you to perform research, build your knowledge about the School of Business and professional business functions, and practice professional writing and speaking. The deliverables for this assignment are a paper and a group video presentation, recorded in Collaborate Ultra. Each group will include 3-4 members and cover one of the five business functions: accounting, finance, information systems and operations management (ISOM), management, or marketing. The assignment is worth 15% of your course grade. Content to be included in both the presentation and the written document: • Definition and history • Typical skills and responsibilities • Career options for professionals • Student and Professional Associations • Notable Companies • Current trends and issues • GMU and School of Business opportunities • Global Opportunities and Challenges Paper: Include section headings and use bullet points, and paragraphs effectively. Think of this as a marketing tool to help other students learn about the field. The length should be approximately three pages (single spaced) and your paper should incorporate 7-10 sources and include in-text APA-style citations as well as an APA-style reference list. Be very careful to cite your sources in the text and to write using your own words. Please see for information about how to paraphrase. Recommended resources: • School of Business career pages: • GMU library BUS 103 Info Guide and relevant videos: • Occupational Outlook Handbook: • Department of Labor O*NET site: Evaluation criteria: Paper (10% of course grade): • Did the paper cover all of the required sections and provide accurate, relevant information? • Was the information presented in a concise, clear, and creative manner? • Did the paper show evidence of thoughtful, targeted research? • Did the paper include appropriate citations and a reference list with 7-10 sources? • Did the team charter follow all of the directions provided?

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