BUS515 Final Part II

BUS515 Final Part II

BUS515 Final Part II: Multiple Choice Question 43 For each work element in the time study, multiplying the mean observed time by the performance rating factor by the frequency of occurrence results in what? the normal time for the element the average observed time for the element the standard time for the element the average delay for the element the standard time for the job Multiple Choice Question 21 The approach that details the tasks of a job and how to do them is ____________________. work measurement job evaluation methods analysis job design work sampling Multiple Choice Question 64 Disadvantages of individual incentive systems include all except which of the following? They undermine teamwork. A study has shown they had no effect on worker performance They avoid the “free-rider” problem They need a significant amount of data collection They give employees a short-term focus. Multiple Choice Question 3 Job design ensures that each employee’s _________ and ________ are geared towards achieving the company’s mission. compensation, teams duties, teams satisfaction, compensation duties, responsibility compensation, responsibility Chapter 12 Multiple Choice Question 17 Companies can achieve cost-efficient operations by using which of the following inventory approaches? work-in-process to buffer operations inventory building to leverage reduced setup costs JIT inventory to reduce overall cost level work force maintenance through speculative selling Multiple Choice Question 27 Which of the following is an assumption of the basic EOQ model? Lead time is known and constant. Demand may be seasonal. Orders can arrive in partial shipments. Quantity discounts are considered Lost sales are allowed, but not back orders. Multiple Choice Question 5 Which inventory function specifically is designed to allow the company to maintain a level production strategy? anticipation inventory fluctuation inventory lot-size inventory transportation inventory speculative inventory Multiple Choice Question 20 Which of the following is not affected by decisions about how much inventory to hold? item costs holding costs depreciation ordering costs stockout costs Chapter 13 Multiple Choice Question 16 What type of aggregate plan sets labor and equipment capacity to satisfy demand each period? uniform level chase mixed steady Multiple Choice Question 32 The comparison of aggregate plans is difficult when they produce different quantities and thus _________. have different ending inventories have different staffing levels have different amounts of overtime have different amounts of subcontracting have different revenues Multiple Choice Question 38 Once you implement a new aggregate plan you must then: begin the planning process again evaluate the plan’s performance in terms of cost. evaluate the plan’s performance in terms of customer service evaluate the plan’s performance in terms of human resources. evaluate the plan’s performance in terms of cost and human resources Multiple Choice Question 53 The master production schedule is shared: only internally only with management only to marketing and engineering. to all members of the executive team, exclusively to all members of the supply chain Chapter 14 Multiple Choice Question 34 Information in the inventory records file that can change with inventory transactions includes the ________. part number lot size rule projected inventory level lead time safety stock requirement Multiple Choice Question 31 The quantity of the replenishment order is based on the __________________________. capacity available size of the item number of workers available inventory space available lot sizing rule used Multiple Choice Question 58 An action notice is generated ________________________________________. for planned orders in any period only for orders that are to be released to the shop floor only for movements to and from the warehouse only when marketing needs to be notified when a planned order needs to be released Multiple Choice Question 12 ERP systems provide _____ and _____ benefits. tangible, HR intangible, marketing marketing, operation tangible, intangible CEO, CFO Chapter 15 Multiple Choice Question 3 Scheduling in the high-volume environment is typically done through what? priority rules line design and balancing Thompson’s rule Simpson’s rule Johnson’s rule Multiple Choice Question 65 The process batch should: match the transfer batch exceed the transfer batch be smaller than the transfer batch. be fixed be variable Multiple Choice Question 16 If the schedule shows a 5 day slack between the end of Task A and start of Task B, this means: You must start Task B as soon as Task A ends Task B start is late Task A is taking longer to complete Task A and Task B should be performed concurrently Task B start can be delayed up to 5 days after Task A’s scheduled completion Multiple Choice Question 12 Which of the following scheduling techniques determines the earliest possible completion time for a job? finite loading infinite loading forward scheduling backward scheduling input/output control Chapter 16 Multiple Choice Question 27 In making a forward pass through a network, three activities are immediate predecessors for activity T. What is the early start time for activity T? the smallest ES for the three activities that are immediate predecessors for activity T the largest ES for the three activities that are immediate predecessors for activity T the smallest EF for the three activities that are immediate predecessors for activity T the largest EF for the three activities that are immediate predecessors for activity T the activity time for activity T Multiple Choice Question 67 One way of wasting safety time in the critical chain approach is multitasking, which involves ___________. waiting until the last minute to start a project interaction among project activities having the computer operating system do everything using a person or resource for more than one project reversing the order of the activities Multiple Choice Question 8 Which phase in the project life cycle involves analyzing the project risk? conception feasibility analysis or study planning execution termination Multiple Choice Question 18 The critical path is the sequential path of interrelated activities which has the ____________________. most activities longest time most nodes most events most arrows Multiple Choice Question 71 PERT is credited with reducing the duration of the Polaris missile project by _________________. one year two years three years four years five years

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