Storyboarding Project

BUS 499-Business Administration Capstone

Storyboarding Project

BUS 499-Business Administration Capstone

oDesign a storyboard (refer to Unit 2 Project Planning Tutorial Module) for a six (6) page Web site selling either a product or service of your choice.

First, determine the following:

o             Web Site Title

o             Web Site Concept (a brief description consisting of 25-50 words)

o             Web Site Goal(s) (refer to SMART Goals in Unit 2 Project Planning Tutorial Module). You must have at least TWO (2) goals.


o             Create a storyboard showing the structure of the pages of the Web site.

o             The Web site must contain at least TEN (10) pages

o             Make note of the type of storyboard structure used as well as the justification for the selection of that type of storyboard.

o             Create wireframes (refer to Unit 3 Project Planning Tutorial Module) for the home page and two additional templates.

o             Identify which Web pages will use which template and include reasoning for selecting a specific template for each Web page.

The wireframes must account for the following information:

o             Title/Logo

o             Colors

o             Images

o             Typography

o             Copy (Content/Text)

o             Continuity

o             Layout

o             Copyright


Write a short essay consisting of 500-750 words (approximately 2-3 pages) describing how each of the above elements contributes to the goal(s) of the Web site.

Be specific on the details of the attributes of the elements you selected and justify those decisions.

Use terminology and concepts learned as it relates to creating digital media, storyboarding, and wireframing.


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