• Question 1

Cultural difference is not necessarily equivalent to:

• Question 2

Emic refers to which kind of specific aspect of concepts or behaviors?

• Question 3

Senior managers with little international experience:

• Question 4

Which of the following is not a function of internal resource management?

• Question 5

A multidomestic industry is:

• Question 6

One major difference between domestic and international HRM is:

• Question 7

Which three dimensions are presented in Morgan’s model of IHRM?

• Question 8

International HRM is reflected in:

• Question 9

Which of the following is a global mindset?

• Question 10

Tax equalization policies concerning expatriates are designed to:

• Question 11

Which department of an organization is the major user of language translation services?

• Question 12

HRM in the multinational context contains an overlap between elements of:

• Question 13

Under Confucianism dynamics, orientations can be either:

• Question 14

The GLOBE study:

• Question 15

The GLOBE research tries to study the complex relationships between:

• Question 16

Hall and Hall’s research:

• Question 17

Hofstede’s approach to cross cultural management research:

• Question 18

Due to growing interdependence and a high flow of migration:

• Question 19

According to the results of the Hofstede study:

• Question 20

As applied research, the Trompenaars and Hampden-Turner study:

• Question 21

The Trompenaars and Hamplen-Turner study distinguishes three overarching aspects of culture, namely:

• Question 22

Hofstede’s study is classified or based on:

• Question 23

Cross-cultural management research is based on the assumption that:

• Question 24

One criticism of the GLOBE study is:

• Question 25

The cultural context impacts HRM practices:

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