Bryan Sweatt/Mass murder in South Carolina Custom Essay

Media Project: Criminology – Bryan Sweatt/Mass murder in South Carolina Custom Essay

Media Project?Criminology 10% of final grade DUE 2/20(dedicate the time and effort to this project that 10% of your grade deserves)Assigned case: Bryan Sweatt/Mass murder in South Carolina- ARTICLES PROVIDED ON BLACKBOARDGoal: write a paper that addresses media perpetuation of crime myths and their use of techniques that support that end, and to write a more complete story that avoids the negative consequences of the typical media presentation of violent crime. Use the outline provided to structure your paper.Outline:Part 1: Crime Myths? Use the three articles assigned to you and use them to discuss the media perpetuation of the 4 crime myths covered in class. In your paper you can simply refer to the story title and summarize your thoughts about how that article played a role in myth perpetuation.? Include discussion about various techniques that you notice, or are aware of probably being used (ie. info management, selective presentation of fact, value laden terminology, etc). ? Arrange Part 1 of your paper by myth. So, address one myth at a time-ie. virtuous victims. Decide what techniques were used to perpetuate this character(s).? SummarizePart 2: INFORMING Readers? In part 2, consider that the specific story is not really informing people about anything relevant to their lives. Or about the phenomenon of crime. It is more likely entertaining us with some details of a tragedy.? Your task in this section is to write about the TOPIC in such a way that some of the effects of typical media coverage do not occur. Specifically, fear, stereotyping, ignorance, attitudes about punishment that are not necessarily based on informed opinion, and underlying forces being obscured. To do this, consider the following topics:o Homicide facts/stats in generalo Family/domestic homicideo Mass murder/family annihilatorso Murder/Suicide? Utilize at least two official data sources. (UCR, NCVS, BJS, CDC)? Utilize at least two academic journal sources (these have been provided to you on Blackboard)GRADING: Format- the following requirements are worth ten points. In order to earn the ten points, you MUST meet all of the requirements. Failure to comply with one of the following requirements will result in a loss of ten points.? Your work is to have a cover sheet with your name, ?Media Project?, and a creative appropriate title for your work, all centered horizontally as well as vertically.? Font is to be 12pt. ? Margins are to be set at 2? left and 1? all others. Note that this document is set to these margins. Your paper should look like this paper in terms of the margins.? Work should be stapled or securely bound (BEFORE COMING TO CLASS TO SUBMIT YOUR WORK)Citations and Reference Page- the following requirements are worth ten points. In order to earn the ten points, you MUST meet all of the requirements. Failure to comply with one of the following requirements will result in a loss of ten points.? Your work needs to have a reference page at the back with sources fully cited in APA format. Fully cited means that you cannot just put a weblink; there is a specific format required for internet sources.? You should use only reliable sources.? Some sources will be provided to you on the course content page. It is expected that you locate more on your own.? You must CITE throughout the paper. Failure to do so is plagiarism. This is a basic skill that all college students benefit from mastering. If you do not know/understand how to do this, ASK. Ask the teacher. Go to ACE and ask folks there. Google it. Use your English teacher as a resource. Buy a book on APA research papers. Don?t buy the book, and instead sit in Barnes and Noble, sipping a coffee and read it for free while taking lots of notes.Part 1: Crime Myths- 35 points will be awarded for content that clearly communicates an understanding of the four myths and techniques used to perpetuate the myths. Those earning the full 35 points will have identified a variety of significant observations about how the news media has reported a story that meets the usual pattern of storytelling. ORGANIZE YOUR PRESENTATION. BE CLEAR.Part 2: Informing Readers- 35 points will be awarded for content that is clearly organized and presents research data and statistics on the topics relevant to this story (see the list above). While writing part 2, explain the importance or significance of the information to the news story covered in part 1. In other words, explain why the research data and statistics you are presenting are a more helpful source of information than the media story.Grammar and Spelling- 10 points of the grade are connected to grammar and spelling. Each spelling, grammar, or sentence structure error will result in the loss of one point, up to 10 points. Every sentence in the directions means something important in order to succeed with this media project.


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