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Books are better than computers Essays – Computer, Internet Books have not destructed Hitherto. While there were not any technologies; students were successful and also creative. Teachers and scientists are the most certify example. Indubitably they survived with books. Even so there are people who think that computers are better than books. Have they ever thought how did they get these sorts of technologies simultaneously? Books are the containers of the knowledge that have helped human to get to the highest range of develop. To think genuinely, books are better than computers. The first reason why books are better than computers is that some of books have Historical antiquity. These books are transferred many valuable information. It is obvious that past generation survived with books and books are attested it themselves. Now these books maintain their history alive. For instance Muslims holy books Quran, Catholics holy book Bible are mentioned. Another reason why books are better than computers, is that nowadays people survive with and lean to books as they have the reliable sources so that right information. it is manifest that first the customers buy the computers there are not any information into it before they access to internet. It is internet that makes the Computers a useful appliance. Computers are useless because they will not work while there is not electricity. This is true even for laptops. Although they have battery, their battery would go out of charge while using them. Imagine students have to find some information thus made a decision to search it in internet (not computer). There is lots of different websites and the information of each website is differed to other websites, which most of them are just opinion. These students have to search a lot to find the right information but books have right information and it does not waste your time. If students use computer to search for information, in the websit es there are lots of advertise such as games that make them to paly it. Have students ever heard about Congress library which is the largest in the library? The last reason why Books are better than computers is because it is more valuable than computers, because it does not take minutes to load. People can easily take it with them any where. To demonstrate, if someone wants to go to overseas, and there is no internet so how she would do her work or research whatever she deal with, especially for students. Hence it is definitely an easy way to take books that people need them and deal with. As well, it does not require internet. The most important job of every school is the teaching of reading books (not computer screens). The second most important job is teaching speaking and writing, particularly writing by hand, not typing on a computer. If students are able to read books therefore they can easily read or type on the computers. In conclusion, it is obvious that books are better than computers. They were the most reliable thing to past generation, now to present generation and certainly future generation. Books are always available for us to take advantageous of their valuable information.

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