BIO 101 Entire Course

BIO 101 Entire Course

BIO 101 All Assignments and DQs

BIO 101 Week 1 Individual Assignment What Is Life


Complete the University of Phoenix Material: What Is Life? worksheet located on your student website.

BIO 101 Week 2 Individual Assignment Family Tree Presentation


Produce a family tree for at least three generations of your family or a friend’s family following these seven genetic traits:


Eye color

Hair color

Dominant hand


Widow’s peak

Hitchhiker’s thumb

A family genetic disorder of your choice


Summarize the inheritance of traits through meiosis and how it relates to genetics.


Prepare a 5- to 6-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation illustrating your findings and summarizing the inheritance of traits.

BIO 101 Week 3 Individual Assignment Evolution Lab


Review University of Phoenix Material: How to Write a Lab Report. Complete the Evolution Lab, available on your student website. Write a 700- to 1,050-word lab report of your Evolution Lab results. Format your lab report consistent with APA guidelines.

BIO 101 Week 4 Individual Assignment Physiology Paper


Locate a diagram of an organism with the main organs and structures labeled. Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper explaining how the organism in the diagram has evolved physiologically to become suited to its environment. Make sure to reference the diagram you located in your paper. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

BIO 101 Week 5 Assignment Food Web Diagram


Create a diagram in which you illustrate the energy flow among organisms of a food chain in a particular ecosystem. See Ch. 20 of the text for details and examples. (Select an ecosystem, such as a temperate forest, desert biome, orthe Everglades.) Determine the interdependency of life in your ecosystem by examining its organisms. Includewritten information about the following items:


List the organisms that may be found in your ecosystem and label them as follows: P for producers, C for consumers, and D for decomposers.

Identify the structure and function of the main organs in at least two organisms, and indicate why they are suited for that environment.

List at least two food chains associated with your ecosystem.

Focus on at least three individual organisms, including what they eat, what eats them, and how they adapt to the ecosystem.

Describe the ecosystem’s population growth and regulation through community interactions.

Identify potential hazards caused by humans that may affect your ecosystem’s stability, such as environmental pollution.


Utilize labels and associated details in your food web diagram, and format your written information according to APA standards.


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