Beyond Madness discussion

Beyond Madness discussion

The Beyond Madness webring consists of many internet sites concerning mental disorders. Go to
ring=bmadness to look at a list of those sites. (Copy and paste the address).
Find a site in which a person gives a personal account of what it is like to have a mental disorder (choose one of the
disorders described in the book) and go to that site. MAKE SURE THAT IT IS A NEW SITE, SOMETHING NO ONE HAS ALREADY
CHOSEN. Read that person’s description of his or her experience and answer the following questions:
1. Tell us what you know about the person and what disorder is portrayed. REMEMBER TO CHOOSE A NEW SITE, SOMETHING NO ONE
ELSE HAS CHOSEN ALREADY. What difficulties does that person have to cope with that most people do not? What has it been
like for that person to cope with mental disorder? (3 points)
2. Does that person’s self-description fit with the description provided in the textbook? Why or why not? Be specific,
detailed and GIVE PAGE NUMBER REFERENCES. (3 points)
3. What is your reaction to that person’s story? What do you think it is like to be that person? (4 points)
Here are other answer for another students
I chose to discuss Justin Timberlake who in 2008 admitted that he had ocd and add. I am not a huge fan of his but I
appreciate that he suffers from 2 illnesses. As I have depression and add it’s interesting to me how they interact. In
regards to Justin I located statements he had made on, and I wanted to use more than one site to highlight how his symptoms affected him. When I went to the
Beyond Madness site and looked at OCD I was surprised at how many people were suspected of having OCD like Charles Darwin
and Ludwig Van Beethoven. When you think of the systematic way in which Darwin organized his notes for the Origin of
Species one can see that the skills needed for such specific a book would require a person who would be able to give a
systematic outline for what they were observing. What I knew about Justin Timberlake prior to this assignment was limited
to his work as a performer. He says that his OCD affects many parts of his daily life. OCD is made up of compulsions and
obsessions. Both need not be present for a diagnosis to be reached. A person can have obsessions without compulsions. His
obsessions include that everything around him be lined up. He also can only have specific foods in his fridge and of
course, they must be in a specific place. This did cause problems with his girlfriend Jessica Alba when she moved in and
had to work with Justin on this issue. Justin cites that he loves to perform and that in spite of his OCD and ADD he is
still able to perform. There is something very stimulating about being on stage so that stimulation may be the boost he
needs.It’s helpful for persons with ADD not to be distracted by details but rather able to concentrate on their own
activities. Justin’s description does mirror much of what is said in the text book. it’s important to differentiate
between what is the busy-ness of the world we live in and when a condition becomes so habitual that new behaviors are
created to cope with it. (Myers p. 463) Key components of a psychiatric illness are duration (how long symptoms have been
present) and intensity(are symptoms present in all settings or just at home?) I felt very positive about the story and am
glad that he has found a livlihood that helps him to have a quality of life despite these issues. Many famous people were
highlighted with the OCD disorder. Not just people in show business but scientist such as Albert Einstein and business
leaders such as Donald Trump. One can see that the obsession on certain topics has lead to advances in science and
technology which may not have been reached otherwise. Of course we want to be aware that just as there are those that can
manage and channel their symptoms into a meaningful life there are many more who are unable to and find their lives diminished and unfulfilling.

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