Best Performing Director – William Craig Fugate Assignment

Best Performing Director – William Craig Fugate – Assignment Example In 2004, for instance, he staged the largest federal disaster response when the country encountered at least three hurricanes including the Wilma, Dennis and Katrina. Because of the impact of the hurricanes, most of the coastal stages were under the aid of Emergency Management Assistance Compact. This was the time Fugate showed his stewardship. After the Katrina crisis, Fugate took the information from the casualties to determine their eligibility for any compensation. Those whose information was vague were not immediately compensated. He tapped the historical information from those who were employed to verify their credentials and ensure that there was a real home there. Although they were dealing with several people, Fugate mobilized his team with the help of technology. By the time Fugate was nominated to head FEMA in 2009, the agency had already been battered by the previous leaders. Michael Brown had driven the agency into a punch-line due to his decision that depicted his incompetence during the hurricane Katrina of 2005 (U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Federal Emergency Management Agency , 2006). With his outstanding performance of over ten years as an emergency manager, Fugate was promoted as a director having shown high competence. He was exposed to emergency services at his tender age after his parents died. Having garnered the best experience, he excelled very well in his career. He faced a lot of challenges that prepared him to lead FEMA. Initially, the agency had lost it reputation when Mr. Brown failed in his leadership leading to loss of property and lives during the 2005 hurricanes of Katrina. His appointment was therefore to restore the lost ‘glory’. This was his designed role for his appointment by President Obam a. As the director, Fugate promulgated the ‘entire community’ strategy towards emergency management by emphasizing and enhancing cooperation with all the government levels, including state, federal, local and tribal.     

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