article review about ( leader development and leadership development)

article review about leader development and leadership development

The purpose of this assignment is to get you thinking critically about the secondary literature that you read. We are all conditioned to think that anything we see in print can be trusted. However, taking a critical stance vis á vis the scholarship (and the other printed materials) we read can help to avoid relying on untrustworthy sources and can help us to nuance our own thoughts about the ideas we read about. You will find that critiquing somebody else’s work will not only help you to understand and appreciate that person’s work better but will also help you become a better critic of your own work (and, s0, a better writer) as you become more sensitive to how others might see your writing.
There will be one (1) article review due in this course. Generally, reading and taking notes on the article at least a week before the assignment is due,
The article review should be 2 to 3 pages long excluding the list of references (if you go a little over that’s OK; if your assignment is shorter than 2 pages or much longer than 3 pages, you may lose points). Please use 1 inch margins, Arial 11-point font and 1.5 spacing. The APA citation and referencing format must be followed strictly; or you may lose points. The article review is to be submitted via Turnitin using the below details and the generated similarity index must be less than 30 percent (if your similarity index is 30 percent or more, you may lose points). The review is worth 10 percent (50 marks) of your final grade. The guidelines on how to enroll your-self in the class can be retrieved at Additional Learning Resources under Turnitin Student Quickstart in the Blackboard.
The evaluation of the article review will be looking for three (3) things for grading:
Bibliographic information
o There is compulsory to adhere the APA citation and referencing format. The
format can be retrieved at
o It is a must to make the reference section as the subtitle of your assignment and
to incorporate this information in term of citation format into the sentences. o To ease your citation and referencing formation,
A *BRIEF* summary of the article
o You should summarize the main points the author discusses.
o As far as possible, make it clear what the author’s central argument is.
o This summary is only to give the necessary background for the analysis you will
give, not the main thrust of your review.
o You will be able to include more detailed information in the course of actually
critiquing the article.
o Your summary should not take up more than a half page or so.
A detailed analysis of the article
o This is the most important part of the review and where most of the marks will be
2010 can automatically generate a bibliography (or other similar document
Microsoft Word 2007 and Word
requiring citations) of the sources you used to write your paper. Kindly refer to
allocated. Spend the most time here.
o You need to show not only that you have read the article, but that you have thought critically about its content.
o When assessing the author’s argument, you might think about the following questions?
a) Is the argument made clearly? Does the author hide behind fancy rhetoric or does the author lay out the argumentative steps in a way that is easy to understand?
b) Does the author use appropriate evidence to support the argument?
c) Does the author argue logically? Are there steps missing in the chain of
d) Does the author support the opinions with clear explanations or appeals
to evidence or is the reader expected to simple agree with the author?
e) Does the author’s view align with what you know about this topic?
f) What is the intended audience for the article, is the article pitched too
high? Too low?
g) Does the author give sufficient background for the argument, for example,
contextualizing what she/ he says in relation to other scholarship on the
h) Is the article convincing? Boring? Safe? Provocative? Controversial? If
controversial, does the author extend the conversation on the topic in a
constructive way or does she/ he go too far?
i) If you agree with the author in any way, what changes would you
propose? How would you improve on either the style or content of the
j) Is this article useful for people studying this topic? Why? How?
o Obviously you won’t have time to do ALL of this. Importantly, use these questions as a guide to the kinds of things that you should be discussing and not as a list of questions that must be answered.

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