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You need choose ONE and only one of the essay questions below:

a) Describe and analyse the principal characteristics of the business cultures in Latin America.

b) Describe and analyse the benefits and challenges of Chile´s commodity-dependent economy.

c) Describe and analyze Chile´s relations with its main Latin American partners.

d) Describe and analyze Latin America´s regional integration process since 1950.

(should cover the OAS, LAFTA, LAIA, Mercosur and Alianza del Pacifico, at least.)

e) What are the economic development challenges in Chile and Latin America?

f) How does the Latin American culture impact on productivity in the region?

g) Describe and analyse some of the opportunities and challenges of the wine industry in Chile.

h) Describe and analyse some of the social issues facing Chile and Latin America.

i) Describe and analyse Chile´s relations with its main Asia-Pacific partners.


1. Word length: Between 3000 and 3500 words.

2. Conduct own research.

3. Please show the ability to read multiple sources, and integrate and synthesize knowledge.

4. Expected to use critical thinking and analytical skills to produce coherent, concise and structured work.


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