Addressing Management Decision Statement (MDS) Custom Essay

Addressing Management Decision Statement (MDS) Custom Essay

Looking at the Queensland Thoroughbred Industry

A thoroughbred is a horse breed best known for its use in horse racing. Thoroughbred breeders are people who breed and sell thoroughbred horses mainly for the purposes of horse racing. In Queensland, thoroughbred breeders are represented by the Thoroughbred Queensland Association (TBQA), which is a social enterprise whose intention is to represent the interests of thoroughbred breeding and breeders, and to promote and advance its interests in Queensland.

A horse is bred when a foal is born, which is typically a colt (male) or a filly (female). The male parent of the foal is a stallion and is commonly known as the sire and the female parent is the mare or dam. Foals are typically weaned at 4-8 months and are referred to as weanlings until they are approximately a year old, which at that time they are yearlings.

Horse breeding typically requires substantial investments of time and money and is generally expected to result in profits for the horse breeder (business owner). Usually, some of the costs that incur in horse breeding include the stud fees, the cost of proper nutrition, management and vet care of the mare throughout the gestation, and the care of both the mare and the foal after the birth and up to the time of sale (as a weanling or a yearling).

Many Queensland breeders sell their yearlings at the Queensland the premier yearling sale, which is held in March of each year and is referred to as the Magic Millions March QTIS sale. It is at the March QTIS sales that many Queensland thoroughbred breeders will endeavour to make a profit.

At the 2013 March QTIS sales there was concern expressed by some of the Queensland breeders. These concerned breeders felt that potential buyers when visiting their stables, with a view to purchase, were only interested in looking at and buying colts. These potential buyers didn’t appear interested in buying fillies. As fillies usually account for half of the thoroughbred breeding stock this raised some alarm and caused some of the TBQA members to question the effect of this on profit margins, the value of bringing fillies to the sales and the viability of the future of the Queensland Thoroughbred Industry, and the flow-on effects to Queensland Racing, if fillies are not being bought (or raced). As such, the TBQA have commissioned an investigation into this matter and provided a management decision statement (MDS).

MDS: Do buyers of Queensland thoroughbreds have a preference for colts?

To help you to address the MDS you have been provided with the Magic Millions March QTIS sales results for 2013 and 2012 on an Excel spread sheet. (click the link to upload data)

You are expected to analyse and interpret the data and present your results from information on the Excel spreadsheet. To provide the TBQA with a fuller picture you may want to do some other types of secondary research and consult other secondary sources (this is not a requirement – just a suggestion).

You are expected to present your findings to the TBQA committee.

How you present your findings is up to you. You may like to develop an infographic, a series of dashboards, a poster or PowerPoint presentation or some other form of visual communication to present your findings and address Question 1.


Assignment 1 requires you to answer four (4) questions.

Based on the MDS conduct, analyse and interpret the sales data and any other secondary data and/or digital research.

Discuss whether there is sufficient secondary data to address the MDS? Write a paragraph, which justifies your answer.

Determine whether primary research is necessary to address the MDS, and if so, what sort of primary research is required, exploratory, explanatory or descriptive research. Write a paragraph that justifies your answer.

Develop a BRO that addresses the MDS and write a paragraph to explain how your BRO addresses the MDS.


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