ACCT 301 All 7 Weeks Discussions

ACCT 301 All 7 Weeks Discussions

ACCT 301 All 7 Weeks Discussions

Week 2: Internal Controls – Discussion

Describe what you think is the most important control activity that a company can implement. Why do you think that the one you chose is the most important?


Describe one of the three elements that are present when fraud occurs. Of the three elements, which do you think is present first in an ethical situation?

Week 3: Financial Statement Analysis – Discussion

Horizontal and Vertical Analysis (graded)

Go to Yahoo! Finance at the following URL: Enter the name of your favorite public company in the box in the upper left-hand corner, and click on Get Quotes. Click on the income statement or balance in the bottom left-hand corner of your favorite company. Perform a horizontal or vertical analysis of one of the line items on its income statement or balance sheet. What does this information tell you?

Ratio Analysis (graded)

Go to Yahoo! Finance at the following URL: Enter the name of your favorite public company in the box in the upper left-hand corner, and click on Get Quotes. Explore the information given for your favorite company by clicking on the links on the left-hand side of the screen. What information do you find interesting?

Week 4: Managerial Accounting – Discussion

Managerial Accounting (graded)

This week, we are shifting our focus from financial accounting to managerial accounting. How do the content and verification of the reports differ between managerial and financial accounting?

CVP Analysis (graded)

What is CVP analysis? How is it useful to managers?

Week 5: Budgets and Productivity – Discussion

Incremental Analysis (graded)

What is incremental analysis? How is it used by management?

Relevant Costs (graded)

Our lecture states that relevant costs can also be viewed as avoidable costs. What does this mean? This is a very difficult concept, so help your classmates understand it!

Week 6: Pricing – Discussion


Budgeting (graded)

Why is budgeting important for a company? What are some reasons that a company would not prepare a budget?

Responsibility Accounting (graded)

Describe responsibility accounting and its purpose. What conditions are necessary for responsibility accounting to be used effectively?

Week 7: Capital investment and Incremental – Discussion

Capital Budgeting (graded)

Discuss the capital budgeting process and the inputs that are used in capital budgeting.

Transfer Pricing (graded)

What is the transfer price? Why is determining a fair transfer price important for division managers?


ACCT 301 Entire Course Essentials in Accounting

ACCT 301 Week 1 Homework

ACCT 301 Week 2 Discussion Internal Controls

ACCT 301 Week 2 Homework

ACCT 301 Week 2 Quiz

ACCT 301 Week 3 Discussion Financial Statement Analysis

ACCT 301 Week 3 Homework

ACCT 301 Week 4 Discussion Managerial Accounting

ACCT 301 Week 4 Homework

ACCT 301 Week 4 Midterm Exam (3 Sets)

ACCT 301 Week 5 Discussion Budgets and Productivity

ACCT 301 Week 5 Homework

ACCT 301 Week 6 Discussion Pricing

ACCT 301 Week 6 Homework

ACCT 301 Week 6 Quiz

ACCT 301 Week 7 Discussion Capital investment and Incremental

ACCT 301 Week 7 Homework

ACCT 301 Week 8 Discussion Looking Ahead

ACCT 301 Week 8 Final Exam


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