314 Six Forum On Sources of Power and News Story

314 Six Forum On Sources of Power and News Story

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Assignment: Discuss the five sources of power available to managers, and the ethical issues related to authoritarian and participatory leadership personality styles.

What is ethical leadership and how can it be measured?

The following post is an example of addressing the two questions above:

(EXAMPLE)There are five sources of power available to managers. Managers must discharge these powers in an ethical manner within the organization (Collins, 2011). Some managers will operate on all five powers and some will not. Legitimate power: is power that comes with a formal tittle like immediate supervisor. This title implies that they are an employee’s first contact in the chain of command. Reward power: is a power that carries the ability to reward employees with the organization for doing good work. Coercive power: similar to reward power in the sense that this power has the ability to carry out punishment. Referent Power: This is a power that is earned or bestowed upon a manager from others through admiration. Expert power: This is a power that is learned by being an expert on specific issues. This could be someone who has proven him or herself by displaying expert knowledge on issues within the organization.

Authoritarian and participatory leadership styles face certain ethical issues when being used to manage employees. Authoritarian seems to be an interesting style that can cause trouble. This style is very dominant and doesn’t allow for growth of employees because it forces them to depend on others in unhealthy way (Collins, 2009). This style also creates barriers of trust by management. Meaning that managers with this style don’t respect others opinions and they lose trust and the only way to operate is their way. Participatory leadership style is also faced with ethical issues. This approach to managing allows managers to supervise based on the needs of their employee’s (Collins, 2009). The biggest concern with this style is ensuring that all employees are treated fairly within their skill. Meaning that managers don’t set their employees up for failure. They must ensure they are all properly trained when assigning work (Collins, 2009).

According to Brown and Trevino no matter what leadership style is used there is one constant that can be expected and that is for manager to be an ethical leader (As cited in Collins, 2009). The way that this is measured is by conduct by the manager or leader (Collins, 2009). Meaning that you must talk the talk and walk the walk so to speak. This can be done by embracing and managing by the Code of Ethics and Conduct as core values. (EXAMPLE)

Also in this assignment use the story titled “Low inflation to give biggest global pay boost in three years: study” incorporated into the paper with using examples of “THE FIVE SOURCES OF POWER” to explain items within the story at the website: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-economy-pay-survey-idUSKBN0TR00N20151208?feedType=RSS&feedName=businessNews#UUrvT57dRhOS1Jrd.97

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